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My name is Sjors Wartenbergh, owner and managing director of WEB Eindhoven. As a born and raised citizen of Eindhoven with a heart that beats for the high tech industry, my own company WEB Eindhoven is a dream come true. "Think Global Act Local" is one of the successes I believe in as an entrepreneur. I think it's great to operate internationally. Within Web I am responsible for customer relations. Searching for solutions together and especially thinking outside the existing paths. This in combination with our strong team and "make it happen mentality" are the key factors of our success!


My name is Frank van de Pas, account manager and recruiting specialist mechanical engineering at WEB Eindhoven. In my job at WEB Eindhoven I really like to ‘’work hard and play hard’’. I am a recruiting expert using different recruiting tools as well as my ever growing international network. I think a personal band with employees is what differs me from others. Together with our team of young professionals I want our employees to have an interesting time in the Netherlands.


My name is Tijmen Kregting, recruiting specialist engineering at WEB Eindhoven. Working with people and for people with a commercial approach is the thread that inspires me as a recruiter. Within WEB I am particularly interested in recruitment in which my qualities as a young social man and a healthy interest in people are maximally utilized. I love to meet new people and share the best spots in Eindhoven with them.  Our quality as a team is that we are easy approachable which helps in our success.


My name is Enya van den Biggelaar, HR manager at WEB Eindhoven. I work as an HR manager within WEB. In my role, I ensure that our expats and employees can integrate smoothly in the Netherland, for example helping them with arranging housing, health insurance, explaining about taxes and getting to know the city of Eindhoven. I am the source of information for our employees about contractual matters and I guide our employees in personal development.

Next to this I arrange the yearly trainings and I am the ‘event manager’ within WEB. I get my energy from the personal contact I have with the employees and focus on their development as a professional. This is the reason why I   succeeded the training to coach professionally within WEB.

Personal attention and direct contact is the strength of WEB and our employees therefore enjoy working with us. The gratitude that I receive in return is very satisfying.




My name is Stefanie Straten, Financial Office Manager at WEB Eindhoven.

As a Financial Office Manager I am responsible for the ins and outs of WEB, with the focus on the financial and personnel processes. I look after the streamlining and optimizing of all back-office processes and financial management. Managing debtors / creditors administration, the personnel and salary administration. I can call myself the backbone trough the company.

With my expertise as a financial office manager I want to contribute to the development and growth of a healthy organisation.




My name is Kinga, business manager at WEB Eindhoven. In my role I ensure we proactively provide the best answers to the needs of our high – tech clients. I am responsible for building software recruitment competencies within the organization, and making the best match between the companies and the candidates. The other part of my role is to map and professionalize the processes that we work with internally.

I have a strong experience in project management, organizational development and corporate software recruitment. I use my skills to make sure our structure is efficient, clear and supports our strategic and operational goals.

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My name is Carolina Osei and together with Enya van den Biggelaar we are responsible for HR. I have my focus on housing in Eindhoven and want to make sure that our employees have a place to stay when they arrive in the Netherlands. I am also responsible for making appointments regarding opening a bank account and registering as an citizen of Eindhoven. Within HR we want to make sure that we give our employees the right guidance in their stay in the Netherlands. I enjoy working with people and find it important to have a personal connection with our employees. Working at WEB means working with people all around the world and that makes it very interesting. I am here for everyone who has questions about living in the Netherlands